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How to spot a Fake Chanel?

We all love to spoil ourselves with a new designer hand bag every once in a while but nowadays its difficult not to fall into the "fake" trap. Excellent A copies are everywhere to find and its gotten pretty difficult to differentiate the real from the fakes. 

Here are some useful tips to help you avoid purchasing a fake bag by mistake!


Check the Authenticity Card! 

If you are looking into buying a pre-owned bag you should always pay attention to details such as stitching, corners and hardware. An authentication card can't give you the guarantee that the bag is real. 

First copy bags also come with authentic looking cards. 

One way to see if an authentication card is fake is by checking out the gold edge on the card. When the card reflects rainbow colors when held against light is an indication that it's fake.

Another indication that the bag could be fake is the font used on the card. The font of the numbers should not match the text.


The Authenticity Card above is real. The Font of the Numerical Code differs from the writing font below. 


This Authenticity Card is Fake. 

Did you know?

The first two numbers of your serial number, thats printed on your bag and the authenticity card, indicate the year it was manufactured. 

For example:

In the picture below, the serial number starts with 22XXXXXX, which indicates that the bag was manufactured 2016 and up!

Another example, this serial number starts with 0XXXXXX, this indicates that this bag was manufactured between 1986 to 1988. A vintage piece (picture below).

Look out for the Details!

Besides the authentication card, there are certain details that can give away if the bag that you are interested in is authentic or just a good copy. Below you can find a couple of helpful tips to help you out!

CC Logo:

Make sure that when you look at a Chanel bag logo, The C on the right overlaps the left C on top, and that the left C overlaps on the bottom ALWAYS! 

This Bag is Authentic, The C´s overlap correctly. 


 Check Hardware!


Both, the button closure and the back of the turn lock have "Chanel Paris" engraved.  

Hardware of the bag is also very important. Usually, (talking about the Classic Flap Bag) the snap button and the back of the turn lock should be engraved with "Chanel Paris", as you can see above.

 Check the  Screws!


 On the other side of the turn lock, the back plate (picture above) should have flat head screws.

The Zipper!

The zipper of the Classic flap is also an indication.


The Left Zipper (Beige colored) is Authentic. The Right Zipper is fake.  

The Dust bag!

The left dust bag is real, you can see that the word "CHANEL" is written in white and the popular brand font. It is centered in the middle of the dust bag.

The fake Chanel dust bag, which is the one on the right, "CHANEL" is written in grey and the wrong font was used, which appears to be thinner.

If you can get yourself familiar with the feel of a real Chanel dust bag, you will be able to notice the difference between the material used for a real dust bag and those used for a fake. 


                   Left Dust bag Real                    Right Dust bag Fake  

A little extra Tip:

Chanel has recently changed the dust bags for the classic flap bag, which is now white with a drawing of the classic quilting and a picture of Gabrielle Chanel (picture below).

The new dust bags used for the classic flap bags

The Pocket!

 An indication that your classic flap bag is real, is if the quilted stitching on the back pocket match the body. The stitching should always line up neatly. Make sure the stitching runs continuous from the purse onto the pocket. If the line up does not match on the back, you might have to think twice about your purchase. 



With professional authentication you can rest assured your items will always be authentic. There are many more ways that professionals authenticate bags. For example, stitch per inch, use of black light, exact material used. 

Not so sure if your bag is real? 

At Fashion House we offer authentication services, if you doubt that your purchase/gift was authentic or not, you can pass by our store to authenticate your items.

We will be happy to help you out!

Also, visit our website for more information www.fashionhouseamman.com 


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I hope these tips help you spot a fake Chanel before you purchase it!

Stay tuned for our next "How to spot a fake..."

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